May 20, 2020

Miners and energy companies in most parts of the world are only too aware that suspicion (if not blame) for any health or environmental issue of uncertain origin is likely to be pinned on them. Covid19 has added another explosive issue to the mix. Companies who do not...

May 30, 2019

Plaintiffs celebrate a court victory against an oil block concession in Ecuador (source

While in Ecuador last month to document a client project's community engagement process, a provincial court ruled against the government's right to auction oil concession b...

June 2, 2016


I was inspired to write on this topic after reading the article “NGOs, do they sometimes cross the line, and what can you do about it?” authored by my friend Toby Webb.  The premise is; your company is under attack; a campaign has happened that is...

March 15, 2014

(photo source:


As a moderator for the Canadian Institute of Mining’s (CIM) Stakeholder Dialogue Series, I’ve facilitated a number of discussions, most recently on the margins of the 2014 PDAC conference in Toronto. Whatever the specific topic; be it con...

January 17, 2014

In today’s challenged financing and commodities price environment extractive companies must be more careful than ever when allocating budgets and resources.   The process for doing so is fairly straightforward for expenditures in capital assets (bar forecasting prices)...

December 18, 2013

photo source: The National Post


Canada made international headlines in October when 6 RCMP vehicles were torched outside of sleepy Rexton New Brunswick.  It occurred when a protest by the Elsipogtog First Nation band (aboriginal people) over shale gas exploration turne...

October 28, 2013

I had the privilege of attending Canadian Business for Social Responsibility’s (CBSR) recent webinar on the “Transformational Company: Supply Chain and Industry Engagement.”    Senior leaders from CBSR, Hemlock printing, and Mountain Equipment COOP compellingly describ...

September 27, 2013

(photo source: notiagen)


Colombia was the new darling of mining investors starting in the middle of the last decade.  During eight years under the former president, Alvaro Uribe, the area granted for mining and oil concessions tripled to an estimated 22 million hectare...

September 17, 2013

Micro-finance at one time was considered a silver bullet for jumpstarting economic development in impoverished communities (much in the same way formalizing property rights were championed by Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto in his book The Mystery of Capital). 



August 31, 2013

photo: Yanta, Piura, Peru


As I finally got this website up and running, I went through some of my old-field photos and found a picture of a more youthful me in 2006 with a group of major investors at the site of the Rio Blanco Project (not this photo). Rio Blanco was p...

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Shale Gas, Protests and Aboriginal Rights in New Brunswick

December 18, 2013

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